Additional Funding

Including Pupil Premium and Covid Catch-Up Premium.

School are required use and review additional funding for specific reasons linked to impact on pupil progress.

Introduced in April 2011, the pupil premium grant (PPG)  is allocated to children who are looked after by the local authority, those who have been eligible for Free School Meals at any point in the last six years and for children whose parents are currently serving in the armed forces.

Additional Covid-19 Catch-up funding has been allocated to schools to use in supporting those pupils who have lost most learning as a result of the pandemic.

Academic Year 2021/22 allocation

Number of pupils: 39

PPG Allocation: £36,600

Covid recovery premium: £11,020

To view our Pupil Premium Grant (PPG) strategy statement please click here


Academic Year 2020/21 allocation

Number of pupils: 41

PPG Allocation: £39,155


Academic Year 2019/20 allocation

Number of pupils: 30

PPG Allocation: 30,350


Financial Transparency

Please use the link below to take you to the DfE site for financial benchmarking. This is where the expenditure of school is displayed in comparison to other schools.

We have no staff who earn a salary of £100,000 or over in school.