The School Day

Our school day is designed to accommodate the wide range of pupil needs. We develop and improve what is on offer via regualr consultation with pupils, staff and families.

Every pupil is provided with a broad and balanced curriculum that include individualised elements, an extensive enrichment/personal development offer and daily target setting/ reflection opportunities.

Transport (home-school)

Our unique and highly effective transport offer was designed with pupils and families in mind and provides essential support, home school links and safe and informed provision for all pupils. Our non-teaching staff provide this service using a fleet of school vehicles which also serves as an excellent resource that significantly supports and enhances our curriculum. Clear expectations and boundaries are maintained beyond the school day via positive and consistent relationships with staff. Pupils arrive in school ready to learn. Efficiencies are made possible that enable other areas of school to benefit also.

The school day

The school day/week is designed to maximise time with pupils but also to emphasise the importance of social time and personal development opportunities. Core and wider curriculum coverage is a key focus as is the wider development opportunities.

The week ends with enrichment, rewards and a celebration of achievement. Staff development (planning and training) takes place each Friday which allows us to maximise resource throughout the week and provide a first class learning environment for all pupils.

Monday – Thursday

0850 – Arrival & Breakfast – fully staffed with activities
0905 – Form time/target setting/Assembly
0920 – 1010 – Lesson 1
1010 – 1100 – Lesson 2
1100 – 1115 – Break
1115 – 1205 – Lesson 3
1205 – 1245 – Lunch
1245 – 1330 – Lesson 4
1330 – 1415 – Lesson 5
1415 – 1430 – Reflection/Celebration
1430 – 1445 – Depart


0850 – Arrival & Breakfast
0900 – 1000 – Assembly
1000 – 1100 – Lesson 1 –
1100 – 1250 – Enrichment/Rewards – interpersonal development.
1250 – 1320 – Lunch & weekly reflection
1330 – Depart



“Our unique boy came to Brookfield with a history of school refusal, very low self-worth and confidence in himself and so afraid to pick up a pen and write that he would immediately shut down and disengage. Today we see him emerging from his cocoon and whilst life still has great challenges for him, we see him flourishing and stating regularly “I enjoyed learning about this.. I’m surprisingly good at that.” We feel we have our boy back and its all down to the general but firm, nurturing he receives.” Year 9 parent