Our dedicated staff team aim to identify and respond effectively to achieve the best possible learning outcomes for pupils with a wide range of learning, pastoral and social needs. Both sites have a provision leader and pastoral support team . Teaching staff work across all sites.

Statutory reporting:

No staff meet the reporting threshold of £100,000.

At present, no staff members require time off for trade union purposes.

Updated March 2022

Senior Leadership Team 

Rob Brocklebank  Headteacher 
Hannah Speakman  DHT/KS3 Provision Lead/PSD 
Tim Mataciunas  AHT/KS4 Provision Lead 
Fiona Carver  DHT/SENCO 
Andy Hill  School Business Manager 
Leon Pinch  DSL/CEIAG PDSI Lead 

Senior Teachers

Dan Leaver  KS3 LAC/EVC/PE Lead 
Kane Cleland  KS4 LAC/EVC 

Pastoral Managers 

Ellie Cash  KS3 
Katie Brocklehurst  KS4 
Joanne Mackie  KS4 


Sarah Deacon  English Lead 
Christy Woods  Maths Lead 
Rachel Sharp  Science Lead 
Laura Butterworth  Yr7/Nurture group/MFL Lead 
Leah Leaver  Yr 7 teacher/LOTC Lead 
Ray Elson  Yr 8 teacher/ICT Lead 
Peter Campbell (0.6)  KS4 teacher/ Media Lead 
Paul Addison   KS4 teacher/Humanities Lead 
Rick Turner  Outdoor Education Lead 
Becky Tapper (0.4)  English Teacher 
Kate Fusco (0.6)  Bespoke Teacher 
Jo Bland  Bespoke Teacher 
Ric Birtill  Music Lead /LSA 
Ali Cadel  Art Lead / LSA 

Learning Support Assistants 

Jen Buckley  KS3 LSA 
Courtney McGowan  KS3 LSA 
Lynda Morley  KS3 LSA 
Cheryl Ryan  KS3 LSA 
Chris Taylor  KS3 LSA 
Joe Morrall  KS3 LSA 
Dylan Jackson-Cooney  KS3 LSA 
Tina Murray  KS4 LSA 
Steve Rutlidge  KS4 LSA 
Donn Thompson  KS4 LSA/Cook/Site supervisor 
Danielle Watkinson  KS4 LSA 
Louise Mowbray  Bespoke LSA 

Intervention staff 

Sarah Hudson  Counsellor 
Laura Hatton  SALT 
Karis Gwillam  ELSA/Mental Health 
Julie Wilson  Academic Intervention (KS3)

Support Staff 

Becky Hulme  Administration Lead 
Dawn Hill  Administration 
Ian Hart  Site Supervisor 
Eddie Archer  Site Supervisor/Mentor 
Jon Reading  Catering Manager