Our dedicated staff team aim to identify and respond effectively to achieve the best possible learning outcomes for pupils with a wide range of learning, pastoral and social needs. Both sites have a provision leader and pastoral support team . Teaching staff work across all sites.

Statutory reporting:

No staff meet the reporting threshold of £100,000.

At present, no staff members require time off for trade union purposes.

Updated September 2023

Senior Leadership Team 
Rob Brocklebank  Headteacher 
Tim Mataciunas  KS4 Provision Lead 
Ellie Cash  KS3 Provision Lead 
Fiona Carver  DHT/SENCO 
Andy Hill  School Business Manager 
Leon Pinch  DSL/CEIAG PDSI/Intensive Support Lead 
Senior Teachers 
Rachel Sharp  Mental Health & Wellbeing/LAC DT
Dan Leaver  KS3 CEIAG/EVC/Quality of teaching/PE
Kane Cleland  KS4 CEIAG/EVC /Quality of teaching/Construction
Pastoral Managers 
Joanne Mackie  KS3 
Katie Brocklehurst  KS4 
Sarah Deacon  KS3 English 
Christy Woods  Maths
Rachel Sharp  Science/PSD
Laura Butterworth  Yr 7/Nurture/MFL 
Matthew Chadwick Yr 7 Teacher
Ray Elson  Yr 8 Teacher/Digital Technology
Annabel Chappell (0.6) Science
Paul Addison   Humanities
Rick Turner  Outdoor Education
Becky Tapper (0.6)  KS4 English
Kate Fusco (0.8)  English/Food tech 
Ric Birtill  Music/Art/Media
Georgina Russell Intensive Support Teacher
Learning Support Assistants 
Jen Buckley  KS3 LSA 
Courtney McGowan  KS3 LSA 
Lynda Morley  KS3 LSA 
Cheryl Ryan  KS3 LSA 
Dylan Jackson-Cooney  KS3 HLTA – KS3 PE 
Joe Morrall  KS3 LSA 
Fran Holt KS3 LSA 
Steve Rutlidge  KS4 LSA 
Danielle Green KS4 HLTA – ICT
Chris Taylor  KS4 HLTA – KS4 PE
Niall Dunn  KS4 LSA 
Kay Roberts KS4 LSA 
Heidi Kitchen  Intensive Support LSA / DDSL
Carl Fellows  Intensive Support LSA
Intervention Staff 
Sarah Hudson  Counsellor 
Laura Hatton  SALT 
Julie Wilson Academic Intervention
Support Staff 
Becky Hulme  Admin Manager 
Dawn Hill  Administration officer
Ian Hart  Site Supervisor 
Jon Reading  Catering Manager