Success Stories

All pupils that attend Brookfield have a success story to tell. Starting points are, on the whole below expected due to a number of factors. Whilst at Brookfield, pupils develop, grow and achieve. They leave to explore and develop further and return regularly to share their stories. Some of the success stories of recent school leavers are shared here:

I started at Brookfield half way through year 8 after being excluded from mainstream school. I felt like school wasn’t for me, nobody understood me and I felt like no-one tried too. Brookfield was different the staff took the time to get to know me, what I wanted and what I needed, I soon felt relaxed and at home there. In year 11 I was encouraged and supported in finding work experience, I started with 1 day a week on a farm. I was working with animals and was supervised operating machinery I loved it. I ended up working on that farm full time, I took my tractor test and passed and I don’t think any of that would of been possible if it wasn’t for Brookfield School and the staff who supported and believed in me.

A massive thank you to each and every one of you .

Harvey P (Class of 2018)


I was taken out of main stream school in Year 8 to attend a Pupil referral Unit. I was there until Year 10. I then started school at Brookfield. They pushed me to my potential limits, which benefitted me more than I could have imagined. Brookfield School gave me the opportunity to go on work experience working with Year 7 students with Social Emotional and Mental Health Needs. This experience inspired me to want to work in this area when I left school. I now have an apprenticeship working at Brookfield School, which I’m enjoying.

Ethen G (Class of 2019)


My name is David, I attended Brookfield School and it was at this school where I became the person I am today and what I am doing today. To give a background of who I am and why I am writing this for you, I will give a brief introduction to myself. Like I said, my name is David, I have autism, ADHD, dyslexsic weaknesses, depression and anxiety; basically a lot of issues. Before Brookfield I attended mainstream schools and this looking back was one of the toughest periods of my life. I lasted all through primary school and then till the end of year 7 in High school. This was when I had a major outburst that led to both the school and my parents to decide that I am best suited for somewhere else. This is where Brookfield came into my life. 


I did not know what to expect when joining Brookfield, in all honesty I was scared. It was such a foreign environment, but this is what made it so good. We will talk about this more later. Upon my arrival at Brookfield I got opportunities that mainstream schools never would’ve given me. For the remainder of year 7 I got used to the school, this happened very quickly due to the fact that at Brookfield there is an organised timetable that is easy to follow and helps all of the pupils prepare. I was given the best help from the teachers who would always go out of their way to help me and my peers. This was only my first experience, throughout the years the support was never ending. I’ve always said that if you give 100% for the teachers, then they will give 300% for you. They offer the support not just educationally but mentally and socially. I used to be a nervous wreck when talking to people, but now thanks to the help of Brookfield I have amazing relationships with friends and family. It was thanks to Brookfield that I am now able to speak in front of a classroom. It is thanks to Brookfield and their teachers that I’m where I am today. 


Now, you’re probably wondering where I am now. Before I say this I must state that I am a person who says it how it is. I can guarantee that I wouldn’t be writing this story if I didn’t think that this school is incredible. This school is more than incredible. I was given the opportunity at this school to play for the school’s football team. It was here where I discovered a love for the sport. I was a part of the School team that won the league without losing or drawing a game. I then decided that I wanted to be a part of football and sport in general. So, the P.E at school both physical and theory based was brilliant. So, what am I doing now you ask? Well, I am currently (at the time of writing this) am attended Fleetwood Town Football Club BTEC community Sports College on an extended diploma, I am on track to achieve a D*D*D* which is the best grade you can achieve. I am playing football everyday training, I am the captain of the B team and won B team player of the year in my first year of the college. I have played for the A team and was a standout player but I decided to play for the B team due to my personal mental health. I am an Intern for the Fleetwood Town Football Club Academy Analysis department and I helped provide information for them that assisted the Under 18s beat the Under 18 premier league side Crystal Palace in the FA Youth Cup. Not only this I have been offered a place at UCLAN University in Preston to study Bachelor of Science with Honours in Sport Coaching and Performance. I have played against other college teams such as, Sunderland, Derby County, Burnley, Sheffield United and even Manchester City. This has been a dream come true for me and I cannot thank Brookfield enough for what they have done for me in order to accomplish this. If someone told me that I would be doing what I’m doing 5 years ago, I would most likely say that you’re lying to me. However, I am living my dream, playing Football and helping out within my local Football Club. My dream is to become a full on Football Analyst and I am on may way to do this; hey if you are reading this in a few years I might already be one.  


I know this is long, I know that if you are reading this you could be questioning if you should send your child to Brookfield. I am an example of what Brookfield can do for your child. I am an example of what the staff at Brookfield will do for your child, both educationally and for learning skills to cope with mental health or learning difficulties. I cannot thank this school enough for what they have done for me.  


I learned that all my difficulties are just what I have, not who I am. I have defined who I am. Through the hard work of myself and the staff at this wonderful school. I can guarantee that what Brookfield has done for…. They will do it for you. 

David H (Class of 2018)

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