Our School

Brookfield School is a special school based in Poulton-le-Fylde that caters for pupils with a wide range of needs and challenges linked to social, emotional and mental health (SEMH).

Brookfield school has undergone significant change over the past two years and is fast moving towards providing each pupil with a bespoke program of study, support and intervention that meets their learning, pastoral and social needs alongside future destinations and career aspirations.

We work closely with families and supporting agencies to provide the very best level of support for each pupil . We aim to adopt a reflective approach based upon positive relationships and understanding in order to achieve the very best outcomes for our pupils.

Brookfield has expanded significantly over the past two years and is now based on 4 sites.

Our main school in Poulton accommodates upto 40 pupils in KS3 and Ks4. We provide a learning pathway that is typical to a mainstream school but with smaller classes and increased support. We also provide specialist nurture provision for pupils that will benefit from a primary model of delivery and increased support.

Our Bispham site opened in September 2017 and provides full time targeted vocational provision for upto 16 kS4 pupils at our new building in Bispham.

Our Preston site was added in April 2018 catering for upto 12 pupils in need of  a package of assessment and a bespoke curriculum to support them into full time provision following a period of challenge.

Our fourth site opened in January 2019 and provides an escape from a busy school setting for those pupils that need an alternative environment that allows them to feel comfortable, build resilience and maximise their potential.

Our aim is to provide all pupils with an individualised offer in an environment that best suits their needs and aspirations.

We are always looking to develop new ideas that address the wide and varied level of needs of our pupils.

Pupil referrals are made through the local authority SEND team but enquiries can be directed through our main office.