Bespoke Offer

By request, and in partnership with Lancashire County Council, Brookfield School has developed a BESPOKE PROVISION at KS3 and KS4.

Pupils that have had significant set backs, lost learning and disruption to their education are provided with a personalised offer that takes into account their barriers to learning, specific needs and circumstances and looks to provide a progressive and inclusive approach to reintegration.

Personalised plans are agreed by pupils, parents and LA. They are reviewed regularly to maximise impact and progression.

Barriers to learning are identified, supported and removed. They are then re-introduced by staff who have positive relationships in a controlled way that develops resilience and the ability to self regulate and overcome their historic barriers. At this time, learning can effectively take place and the reintegration process can begin.

Pupils have access to all main school lessons and activities when the time is right for them to progress.

Bespoke pupils start their Brookfield journey not able to access the main provision but most access the high level of support and develop the necessary skills to make the transition.

All bespoke timetables are agreed prior to starting and include specific: strategies, methods of delivery, session length and content. The progressive and reflective nature of the provision maximises resource and provides the very best opportunity to progress.

Provision Leaders manage the bespoke provision on their specific site to ensure that increased progression opportunities are available.

Monthly meetings with Lancashire County Council (commissioners) ensure that provision remains appropriate and effective. This support & challenge process is essential to the success of our bespoke provision and provides the confidence to be creative and meet the needs of the hardest to reach pupils.


“Our Bespoke pathway supports those unable to access our main provision in a progressive and inclusive way”