KS4 Provision

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The Key Stage 4 (yr 10 & yr 11) site is based in Fleetwood and caters for 26 pupils.

At key stage 4 there is a strong focus on preparing pupils for adulthood and life after Brookfield. We aim to build upon the solid foundations developed at KS3 and work towards independence, future aspirations and improving the life chances of all pupils (based upon individual needs, starting points and expectations).

Our KS4 provision allows us to deliver a high quality, tailored curriculum (academic, vocational & personal development) in a setting designed to maximise opportunities for our older pupils. Our ultimate aim is to create confident, resourceful and well rounded pupils who have the skills they need to be able to go on to further education and pursue the career of their choice. This approach is supported by a strong leadership  and pastoral team working alongside skilled and experienced staff who provide a wide range of learning opportunities and ensure that that historical barriers and challenges are identified, addressed and overcome.

We provide pupils with the opportunity to develop their academic and vocational skills and gain qualifications that they require to successfully transition to post 16 education, training or work. In addition, a comprehensive pastoral, enrichment and personal development offer allows each pupil to develop their confidence, self regulation, resilience, empathy and essential life skills. We encourage pupils to be aspirational, give them a sense of pride and by signpost them to routes in which they can fulfil their potential through daily interaction and via our CIAEG and work skills curriculum. Pupils are empowered and given a greater degree of choice to develop their independence. This  approach helps pupils take responsibility for their actions and better understand how positive conduct, effort and success lead towards positive outcomes. 

The primary aims at KS4 are: 

To create an environment that builds on KS3 where pupils have individualised opportunities that lead towards the development of appropriate skills and knowledge and provides access to qualifications that support post 16 progression.

To support pupils to overcome barriers and challenges that have previously hindered their development. In doing so project, model and assist pupils in developing all round positive behaviours and coping mechanisms that they can apply in school and in wider life.

To expose pupils to a broader mindset that is aspirational and encourages individuals to become successful, both academically and as happy, positive, and effective young people. 

To develop a greater degree of independence, self-confidence, and resilience to better equip pupils with the skills they require to be successful later in life. 


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