Coronavirus Information

  • UPDATE – 1/8/20 – School will re-open for all pupils in the new term. Parent meetings have been scheduled to share the latest guidlines and expectations and will take place on 2nd, 3rd, 4th September. Attendance is compulsory.
  • *UPDATE – 28/5/20 – response to LCC on wider opening of schools (letter) – click here*

Brookfield School caters for pupils with Education Health and Care Plans and is committed to providing support and care for ALL pupils during the Coronavirus crisis.

Parents and carers are asked to keep their child at home wherever possible if it is safe to do so. This will allow us to maintain a vital service for those in need.

We have a number of staff members that are unable to come into school due to illness and risks associated to the health and well-being of close family members. In a bid to protect the health of all staff and pupils, it is important to follow the guidance available.

During the closure, ALL pupils will be sent work and activities to complete at home. They will also receive a daily phone call from school as well as a weekly visit (if safe to do so) to check in and provide support. All usual support services will continue where appropriate and our phone lines are always open.


ALL pupils have been offered food provision whilst at home. Food packs will be delivered weekly. If you would benefit from this, please contact school to order your lunch provision.


Examinations have been cancelled for this year and Year 11 pupils will soon receive information of next steps. Nobody will be affected by this and will receive appropriate accreditation based on previous efforts.


We urge all pupils to remain healthy throughout their time at home and we will provide resources to support health and well-being. We urge families to exercise daily, get fresh air where possible and promote positive conversation and interaction. We will check in weekly to offer support and ideas to support learning and mental health. KEEP THOSE BRAINS ACTIVE!!!

We will update all parents and carers weekly as to any changes. Please get in touch if you need to or if your circumstances change.

Please check back regularly for additional resources that will support learning, well-being and enjoyment.

Stay safe everyone!


Coronavirus guidance for parents – DfE

Staying at Home

Social Distancing

Exam cancellation guidance



We will send out work packs and other learning materials throughout the closure and will also post links to websites that may be useful for parents. You will receive a regular call from school in support of home learning ideas.